Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Winners: via the TechCrunch Challenge

Hi Everyone,

We'd like to congratulate Scott on being the lucky winning bidder for the Android G2. It ended up being a fierce competition with 28 total bids, 1 ebay winner, 860 dollars donated... and an entire generation of students who will benefit.

The auction was a great success and we appreciate all the inquiries we received regarding the Android G2. At the moment, we plan to keep this as a limited special edition, but we hope that doesn't keep you from donating to via the TechCrunch Challenge. It's a great way for people to donate directly to specific projects at public schools, and we're sure you'd be able to find a cause you'd like to support.



Jon said...

Aww... I wish you guys would consider releasing the G2 in mass quantities. It looks so cool

春暖花开 said...

Yes!!very cool

who is Scott?

春暖花开 said...
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Scott Murphy said...

Hey guys - thanks for making this thing! It rocks! Here's a photo of it playing nice with Mac OS X and Vista.

The people in my office have named it Larry.