Monday, August 25, 2008

Good for your mum : )

gOS - a Google good OS for your Mum
Mac-like Linux serves the Windows crowd
Full Article:

The above is an article from The Register that I just read today that surprised me because it sounded like the thoughts that are inside my head 24/7 when I'm working with our team on growing the gOS both as a company and community.

Over the past 9 months since we debuted at Wal-Mart, we've been fortunate and feel grateful to have received a lot of coverage about what we are doing.

P.S. This month I also want to appreciate Kevin and Joby who are new members of our team and family. They've helped us develop our brand new, very helpful user community (Visit its Google Group) and beautiful website which was ranked 5th in the Top 10 Linux distribution websites in a highly Dugg article :-)



Anonymous said...

Not yet tried. Admired by the screenshots and downloaded those 2 ISO files. Soon will be installing in my PC. I will become a one among the gOS crowds soon. Let's rock the PCs and long live "Live CDs"

JarodLee said...

hi,the gOS have so beatuful icons.but this is by googler or your self?
like this,hope can use by usb-hdd.

Anonymous said...

Just tried gOS 3. Great release. Simple out of the box and no bugs. Seems solid so far

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I tried gOS in my Pentium D, and it looks great! I love the design. It has one of the cleanest interfaces that I have ever seen.
Just two issues: the explorer was unable to detect the windows partitions, and the GUI didn´t work in a Samsung R20 laptop (I think that the cause is the missing Radeon drivers, just as in Ubuntu)